Distech Controls: Solutions that Reduce Energy Consumption

April 18, 2019 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 4 minute read

Distech Products_ECLYPSEIf your facility department has been charged with reducing operating costs in 2016, reducing energy consumption is a great place to start. Keep in mind that it’s never worth sacrificing employee comfort to save energy, because productivity has a much greater impact on the bottom line; however, there are ways to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing comfort.

Distech Controls has developed a variety of building control and energy management solutions that are helping businesses reduce operating costs all over the world.

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Open HVAC Solutions from Distech Controls

Distech Controls builds the equipment that connects and controls all of your building’s various HVAC related systems and equipment, like variable air volume boxes (VAV), fan coil units, chilled beams, heat pump units, roof top units, air handling units, central plant chillers, boilers, and cooling towers. The connections provided by Distech Controls allow your system to communicate and control all of the various components of the system collectively.

Software helps connect the dots and calculate opportunities for increasing efficiency, maximizing comfort, and reducing energy consumption. Distech Controls uses BACnet and LONWORKS to ensure HVAC control equipment will be able adapt to changing building requirements and communicate with future technologies.

ECLYPSE Helps Scale Connected Controllers

The next phase in building evolution is the ability for buildings to ‘think’ and react without human interaction, also known as the ‘Internet of Things.’ ECLYPSE controllers help facility managers integrate building management solutions or expand capabilities of an existing system by incorporating IP connectivity. If you have a building control system that’s able to connect with the internet and the outside world, don’t forget to consider possible BAS security risks.

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ENYVISION Provides Visualization of Energy Use

This web-based graphic design and visualization interface is designed to reduce time by turning building data and energy consumption figures into dashboards, charts, tables, and reports. Dynamic layouts allow user access to interactive content like floor layouts with hot and cold mapping graphics. ENYVISION software can easily be accessed remotely.

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MACC IS an Independent Vendor for Distech Controls

As an independent controls contractor, we have the freedom to offer building automation and energy management solutions and product lines from a wide variety of vendors and manufacturers. Being independent allows us to use open protocol solutions that meet our clients’ needs and long term requirements, rather than satisfying obligatory distribution agreements from vendors.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how our energy management services may be able to help your Facilities Department reduce energy consumption in a commercial building, industrial facility, or multi-building complex.

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