Is BAS Maintenance Really that Important?

December 22, 2017 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 4 minute read

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Having regular maintenance performed on your BAS equipment is important and necessary. A regular maintenance schedule will keep your equipment up to date. You’ll find that your BAS equipment will have fewer unexpected, costly problems, which will, in term, save your organization time and money and help avoid BAS problems.

Let’s take a moment to look at the benefits of BAS maintenance and what would happen if you didn’t keep your system on a regular maintenance schedule. We'll also look at different types of maintenance plans and scheduling.

Why Do You Need BAS Maintenance?

The benefits of regular maintenance far outweigh not having your equipment maintained. Let’s be frank: There is NO real benefit to not having your equipment regularly maintained aside from the "appearance" of saving money. Sure, the upfront cyclical cost of regular maintenance is gone; however, in it’s place is a system that will end up costing more, possibly exorbitantly more, in terms of breakdowns, malfunctions and system failures.

Some of the benefits of regular maintenance are:

Increased Energy Efficiency and Reduced Energy Costs

Building Controls.jpgRegular maintenance ensures that your BAS runs as efficiently as possible, which in turn reduces costs. Constantly operating BAS equipment is prone to wear-and-tear, minute degradation of parts and instruments over time and small malfunctions in gauges, etc.

"Little things” that can go wrong will add up to inefficiency. A sensor here, a controller there, etc. These little things tend to add up to be energy inefficiency and increased costs.

Reduced Overall Costs

Regular maintenance ensures that your system is running in optimal condition and can help catch issues before they grow into large problems. This, in turn, reduces the amount of down time of your system. Compare:

  • A maintenance technician catches a "little problem" that can be fixed in 30 minutes and is covered under the plan,
  • A major equipment breakdown that occurs because the "little problem" wasn’t addressed. This equipment breakdown ends up requiring expensive parts shipped in and several days of downtime as the technician has to install the new parts and test the system.

Increased Life of the System

Having regular maintenance ensures you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Neglected or infrequently serviced equipment goes downhill much faster than well-maintained equipment. Regular, frequent maintenance identifies the damage that comes from constant wear and tear and fixes it before the issue becomes a bigger problem. This can add years to the life of your equipment.

System Stays Current

When technicians perform maintenance, they make sure that the latest software and technology are installed. New safeguards are implemented, and any other technological changes and/or improvements are added during the maintenance visit.

What Happens if You Don’t Have Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Visits?

Building Control System.jpgMore Severe Equipment Breakdowns

Not taking care of a building automation system opens the door for little issues to creep up and grow into large issues. These large issues take much more time, parts and money to fix. Further, the time that the system is offline may be a crucial time that can’t be made back up.

Energy Inefficiency and Increased Costs

Any system that runs constantly will degrade and run inefficiently. There are so many areas in a large, complex system where inefficiency can set in. Without regular, frequent maintenance, the energy efficiency benefits of BAS can be lost. This in turn leads to increased energy costs.

Types of Maintenance Plans

  • You can choose a yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly or monthly plan depending upon the size of your BAS and whether it must run at peak capacity and efficiency at all times.
  • You can set up a yearly or multi-year contract.

When you get a plan, keep an eye out for whether your plan provides after-hours and emergency services, many do not.

BAS Maintenance is Important

Building automation is integral to the functioning of your organization and will help ensure equipment stays running in peak condition. It’s a wise choice to take advantage of a regular maintenance plan and keep a schedule of frequent check ups. Your BAS will thank you for it.

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