Tridium Releases the JACE 9000 Upgrade

December 1, 2023 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 1 minute read

tridiumMid-Atlantic Controls is excited to announce that Tridium has officially released the JACE 9000! This highly-anticipated release represents a significant upgrade to Building Management System hardware and is optimized for the Niagara Framework. The JACE 9000 Controller builds on the components of the JACE 8000 and includes several new features.

JACE 9000 Features & Benefits

The advancements of the JACE 9000 hardware platform present several reasons for excitement:

  • The JACE 9000 offers increased performance and capacity to leverage tagging, templating, and visualization:
    • Quad Core processor
    • Double the amount of RAM and storage
    • Faster start-up and station load time
    • Responsive User Interface
  • The exact same footprint and wiring locations as the JACE 8000 allow for a seamless replacement for future upgrades.
  • This new hardware platform is fully compatible with all existing expansion modules.

Trust Mid-Atlantic Controls with Your BMS Upgrade

The JACE 9000 offers building managers increased control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling, and network management. Mid-Atlantic Controls has a team of Building Management System experts that can easily integrate the JACE 9000 into your existing systems for instant operational improvements.

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