[GUIDE] - What Is Distech ENVYSION?

August 3, 2016 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 3 minute read

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ENVYSION is a visual, web-based building management system created by Distech Controls to integrate with open platform building automation systems and various building features. The visualization of building data helps management and facility managers make faster and better decisions when it comes to managing a commercial building.

Distech Controls' ENVYSION

The ENVYSION user interfaces can be accessed via a web connection, making multi-building facility management much easier. If you’d like to learn more about ENVYSION, watch this video:




Benefits of ENVYSION

  • Reduce the Time/Cost of Managing a Building
  • Simplify internal building-related communication
  • Improve building-related data via dashboards, charts, tables, reports, etc.
  • Remote, offsite access to building data and information
  • Integrate with IT and web services such as maps, traffic, weather, and more

Adjusting BAS to Fit the Needs of Your Building

The ability for a building or series of buildings to function and react without human interaction, is really the next phase in the evolution of modern buildings. In this way, ENVYSION and other Distech Controls creations, like ECLYPSE, are helping bring commercial buildings into the future.

A Smart Building is programmed to respond to various environmental, capacity, and other changes and adjust the internal systems of the building accordingly and without direct personnel input. This revolution of sensors and computers all communicating and cooperating without human interaction is part of a much broader concept referred to as the ‘Internet of Things.’

Integrating Building Management

ECLYPSE controllers help facility managers integrate building management solutions or expand capabilities of an existing system by incorporating IP connectivity. If you have a building control system that’s able to connect with the internet and the outside world, don’t forget to consider possible BAS security risks.

ENVYSION Provides Visualization of Energy Use

This web-based graphic design and visualization interface is designed to reduce time by turning building data and energy consumption figures into dashboards, charts, tables, and reports.

WiringDynamic layouts allow user access to interactive content like floor layouts with hot and cold mapping graphics. ENVYSION software can easily be accessed remotely, greatly simplifying multi-building management.

Hire an Independent BAS Vendor

As an independent building controls contractor, we have the freedom to offer building automation and energy management solutions and product lines from a wide variety of vendors and manufacturers.

Being independent means we’re free to use whatever open protocol solutions that we feel best meet our clients’ needs and long term requirements, rather than satisfying obligatory distribution agreements from vendors.

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