Why Hire MACC for Your BMS Upgrade?

March 16, 2022 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 6 minute read

improve operational efficiencies with a BMS upgrade service

A building management system upgrade can protect your investment in building equipment and (in most cases) is less costly than replacement. However, upgrading isn’t always straightforward. That’s why hiring a skilled building management system company is crucial for project success.

At MACC, we take pride in our turnkey BMS upgrade service for commercial and industrial companies. Here are five reasons to hire MACC for your building management system (BMS) upgrade.

1. Extensive Controls Expertise

There’s a depth of knowledge companies only gain through experience. All across the Mid-Atlantic, MACC has devoted decades to building management systems; our in-depth expertise sets us apart from the competition.

Companies often ask us to upgrade an older, legacy system that may be obsolete or no longer supported by the manufacturer. Although these proprietary or “closed” systems are often challenging to work with, we’ve completed many successful legacy BMS upgrades for clients. For example, here’s how we successfully partnered with the University of Richmond.

Legacy systems we upgrade include:

We’re able to service and maintain older equipment even when parts aren’t readily available. It’s part of what we do to keep your system working today and into the future.

2. Highly Skilled Technicians

On paper, every provider’s BMS upgrade service may seem similar, but, at MACC, our commitment to the technician workforce makes a difference. We keep a vast number of technicians on staff. It shows our dedication to superb customer support and speaks volumes about our work environment.

Technicians may specialize in a particular area or cross-train multiple disciplines while working with MACC. By pooling their collective experience, we share our technicians’ knowledge across the company. That means when our techs come to upgrade your BMS, you can be confident they’re bringing a company’s worth of building controls expertise with them.

Our customer-first staff culture means high-quality service and maintenance doesn’t stop at control systems. For instance, if one of our techs is on-site and notices a leak in the mechanical room, they’ll point it out. They’ll let the building manager know about excessive blower noise or water pooling around equipment. It’s the kind of thing you would expect of a contractor who’s genuinely invested in successful facility operations.


3. Ongoing System Support with MACC

Putting customers first is the foundation of our business, and we follow through until the job’s done right. If you hire us for a BMS upgrade service and things get tough, we won’t walk away—even if it means losing money.

Together, we’ll design a solution that works for your company. You can rest easy knowing that we’ll never leave with the job half-done. That may mean upgrading a legacy system, creating a custom design, or solving unexpected problems as we work towards a complete upgrade.

4. Superior Owner Education

As part of our responsibility to our customer companies, we ensure that your BMS isn’t a mystery. You shouldn’t feel like a controls tech is the only one who could possibly understand your system. Our customers must know what’s involved in an upgrade, how new features will help them manage their facility, and what they can do to keep their BMS operating smoothly.

Helping a facility manager get to know their BMS builds a robust and valuable customer relationship. MACC’s BMS owner training enables you to streamline building operations and get more value from your equipment.

Some of the things covered during a training session:

Using advanced features – Learn to interpret system reports, graphs, and other visualizations for greater insight into your facility’s operations.

Thinking like a technician – Understand what happens behind the screen, so you’re better equipped to pinpoint issues and troubleshoot your BMS.

Putting best practices to work – Take advantage of MACC’s industry knowledge, learn what works for other facilities, and consider what you can put to work at your own company

5. Flexible, Modern Solutions

Upgrading or integrating an older BMS extends equipment life while providing access to the latest facilities technology. The features and functionality of today’s systems give building owners precise control of—and insight into—building management like never before.

Advanced facility management gives you the opportunity to:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve building security
  • Decrease operating expenses

When MACC upgrades a BMS, we recommend Tridium’s Niagara framework, an open solution that’s compatible with equipment from multiple manufacturers. Tridium’s flexible integration options allow you to combine both modern and legacy control systems into a single, internet-based management portal.

MACC’s BMS Upgrade Service

For your company’s BMS upgrade to be successful, you need a contractor who can handle every aspect of your project from start to finish. MACC technicians have years of experience upgrading industrial and commercial facilities. Serving our customers goes even farther, with ongoing system support, owner training, and superior maintenance service.   

Working together as partners, we can design an open, modern facility management solution that gives you access to advanced BMS features while staying in line with your budget.

How Much Does a BMS Upgrade Typically Cost?

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