Why Upgrade Your BAS?

January 13, 2022 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 5 minute read

unnamed (1)A modern building automation system (BAS) is a substantial investment. Upgrading an older BAS grants you the benefits of today’s technology, in addition to extending the life of your existing equipment.

At MACC, our BAS upgrades provide:

  • A modernized interface
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Improved building comfort

Let’s take a closer look at some other strategic reasons to upgrade your BAS.

Secure BAS Access

These days, cybersecurity is more important than ever as hackers know how to infiltrate networks via a BAS, wreaking havoc on building systems. Safeguarding your BAS isn’t optional; it’s critical.

Older legacy systems may not have a path forward to tighten cybersecurity. Without adequate protection, a BAS could be at risk, and the networks, systems, and devices linked to that BAS are also under threat.

A modern building automation system has features to keep out unauthorized users. As we move to a future dominated by the Internet of Things and wireless devices, upgrading your BAS helps ensure security and heads off cyberattacks.

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Powerful Feature Add-ons

When you upgrade your BAS, you’ll gain valuable feature add-ons for managing your building, such as advanced analytics and data visualizations.

Data visualization may not be possible with older systems, and this lack can hold you back from addressing problems or identifying improvements. A modern BAS will shine a light on equipment usage and operation with easy-to-understand analytics. The improved interface makes for a better user experience, which in turn supports more effective building management.

Robust Hardware

Upgrading your building automation system is an opportunity to install high-performing hardware with powerful capabilities, no matter the size of your facility.

Advanced hardware was only available at a high cost in the past—the bigger the BAS spend, the more innovations were available. And for smaller systems, legacy manufacturers only had devices with limited capability.

Today, things are different. There’s no separation between devices for a small building and devices for a large building. So, when you upgrade, you can enhance your management capabilities with robust hardware, even on a limited budget.

A Single Platform for Multiple Systems

It’s not unusual for an older BAS to use several control systems for building equipment. It isn't easy to harmonize building automation with proprietary protocols (also called standalone systems) to create a comfortable, safe environment for occupants.

Examples of proprietary systems include:

  • Carrier CCN
  • Siebe
  • Barber Colman
  • Johnson Controls
  • TAC/Schneider

Upgrading to a modern, non-proprietary building automation system, such as Tridium’s Niagara, unifies controls into one front-end interface, making life simple. Rather than juggling multiple systems and piecing together information, you get access to all the data in a single platform.

In this case study, MACC helped the University of Richmond upgrade its legacy BAS to a modern, open system. Integrating building controls for multiple facilities across the campus allowed the university to optimize student and staff comfort while minimizing energy use.

Enhanced Employee Comfort

The most important thing your BAS does is keep occupants comfortable. With a BAS upgrade, you’ll have the tools to maintain comfort by adapting your controls in a way that a legacy system cannot.

An older BAS has few settings—it’s not uncommon to have a maximum of only one, or possibly two, set points. This lack of options severely limits your ability to adapt to changes.

Upgrade to a new BAS, and you’ll be able to set flexible limits, react to changing conditions, and create an environment that supports occupant comfort with ease.

Improved Energy Consumption

A modern BAS, designed with efficiency in mind, can help shrink your facility’s energy footprint and save money on utility bills (without compromising comfort).

An older system with limited reports won’t give you the complete picture of your building’s power usage. And with few programming options, it certainly won’t be easy to measure the effects of energy-saving efforts.

A modern system allows you to examine the details of energy distribution throughout your building:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Lighting
  • Electronic equipment
  • Refrigeration
  • And more 

With the capability to track energy use by function or equipment type, you can make informed decisions and optimize programming to meet energy reduction goals.

Upgrade Your BAS with MACC

Be sure to engage a qualified contractor when you’re considering an upgrade. At MACC, we’ve been upgrading building automation systems for decades. We’re dedicated to working with you to find the functionality you need on a budget that makes sense.

Find out more about how MACC can upgrade your BAS to a modern system.

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