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Problems with Access Control Systems

September 18, 2022 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 4 minute read

Access control systems are supposed to create a more efficient way for authorized individuals to enter an otherwise restricted or controlled area—while creating a verifiable paper-trail record of entries and exits.

The vast majority of access control issues stem from:

  • Outdated equipment
  • Keycards falling into the wrong hands
  • Incorrect setup
  • Lack of integration with other building systems



Reducing Energy Consumption in Commercial Buildings

September 6, 2022 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 4 minute read

Researchers at MIT estimate that commercial buildings account for 20% of all the energy used in the U.S., and as much as 30% of that goes to waste.

Energy usage is a business operating expense in commercial buildings. However, the productivity of the people inside is the real goal. 

Comfort and climate control are key aspects of maintaining productivity in an office building, but what if you…


How To Make a Commercial Building More Energy Efficient with a BAS

August 2, 2022 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 7 minute read

Facility managers today have access to a wide variety of ways to improve overall energy efficiency within their buildings. 


Guide to Intelligent Building Management Systems

July 28, 2022 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 4 minute read

Intelligent building management systems represent the latest frontier in the ever-increasing integration and automation of building control systems. Let’s break down what an intelligent building management solution is and what it can do for your facility.


Building Management System Cyber Security

July 6, 2022 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 4 minute read

Hackers, cybercriminals, and other malicious actors are increasingly targeting building systems to access companies’ critical enterprise systems. Keep reading to learn why building management system cyber security is the new front line in protecting companies from online attacks.


The Top Building Management System Companies

June 24, 2022 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 5 minute read

Increased integration and automation in building management systems are favoring a small group of industry players capable of managing technological convergence, security, and energy efficiency at an unprecedented scale. 


Guide to the Niagara Framework

June 9, 2022 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 4 minute read

Modern building management technology like digital controls and IoT sensors makes getting the most out of your systems easier. But these advanced options could be out of reach unless you’ve integrated your building management system (BMS).


3 Benefits of Smart Building Management Systems

May 11, 2022 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 4 minute read

Tech has made so many parts of our lives drastically easier. We have smartwatches to keep us active, vehicle navigation systems to help us avoid traffic jams, and smartphones to connect us with loved ones across the globe. 


Tridium BMS Integration Options

March 23, 2022 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 3 minute read

Tridium Building Management Systems (BMS) offers a better way to manage your building, achieve energy efficiency goals, and provide your tenants with superior comfort. There are many benefits to running a Tridium BMS:


Future Proof Your BMS With New Hardware

March 23, 2022 By Mid-Atlantic Controls 3 minute read

Your building management system is a crucial part of facility operations—it keeps tenants comfortable and safe, helps you reduce energy costs, and optimizes equipment usage.